Saturday, October 8, 2016

Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links- So Much For That

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Good morning Chicago Blackhawks fans! The Chicago Blackhawks have not created the trade that is supposed to be a fact, and low and behold, it was the Blue rival St. Louis who pulled the trigger for manicure Yakupov.

The Chicago Blackhawks Jerseys are believed to be ready to trade the lost 1st round draft pick Nail Yakupov if you believe the rumors on Thursday, but I think most fans of the Hawks had almost a sigh of relief that do not end to make a move to get Yakupov.

Let's really think about it, the only person who would have liked on the list is Joel Quenneville who likes the puck possession, confidence and speed and Yakupov has only one of these characteristics and oh by the way does not play defense .

So having said that the big winner in this trade does not have to be the current outlook Chicago Blackhawks that seem to be increasingly a player on the active list.

Of course, the question has to be where the boys are boys and go, and the thing is the Chicago Blackhawks last preseason game could be the yardstick for the final exam.

The good news is that the Chicago Blackhawks last preseason game tonight is that of course means that the opening night is just around the corner. The other night all the young Blackhawks prospects looked good, the question is you can take it tonight's contest.

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