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Team North America ready to impress at World Cup of Hockey

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Toronto - Todd McClellan, overlooking his team North American bench, we look at the array of talent that would have any hockey scouts drool.

The first of the overall shooting captain Connor in the NHL draft in 2015 McDavid is, first pick Auston Matthews (2016) of the fellow, Aaron Ekblad (2014), Nathan MacKinnon (2013) and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (2011 ) has led the squad contains.

Jonathan Drouin, Jack Eichel, Johnny Gaudreau, John Gibson, Seth Jones, Matt Murray, Morgan Rielly, when you add a mark Scheifele Jacob Trouba, we have a team of young stars of the full World Cup.

In addition, the squad coaching of NHL has a different challenge.

Team of "NHL is, standing all of the power play, but 21 people on the board to put their feet is not in there, McClellan told to lead the work Edmonton Oilers of" that day. "all over here they are already ice, it you've got to put them in the 15 back to the players of the bench."

, It is a non-legitimate entry in the young skilled high-speed, team North American ice hockey World Cup. However, the United States and Canada hybrid team under the promise of players 23 Noto is worth a look.

Connor McDavid forward team North America Edmonton Oilers will attend the media availability for the hockey World Cup in Toronto on September 15, 2016.

In all of the games at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Monday and before that Russia will face Sweden on Wednesday, young open play Sunday against Finland.

North America, breaking the European 4-0 and 7-4, losing 3-2 to the Czech Republic, went to 2-1-0 in the exhibition hall.

In recent years because many of the people of the squad that played against each other in a variety of international level, already on the ice, was impressed by the pace.

"I think their speed is noticeable. They are confident," Canada captain Sidney Crosby, spoke at Thursday's media day. "I am a maximum of 2 they are probably to you to realize I think those of. and it is their age, in order that they do have a success, you are a no confidence and obviously skill does not have it. they are good it combination it has. and, because I have them, but not much to respect your opponent, you do not think I must be prepared for them. "

McClellan of the 48-year-old says his young team pose a risk to both ends of the ice.

"I am a one way fast, exciting team. And we can pretty exciting to go the other way. So they are a part of it of the risk reward wearing on tournament as are, have them understand what is going to become a real important.

"We are giving a better chance of victory to us, if you can down it to the 7 or 8, we will, if if you have to abandon the 10 dangerous play night, we, limit the risk can."

It blocks the shot, has been included persuade his young star to take care of the pack.

"They are thoroughbred. They want to run," McClellan said.


That tell a little lie about injuries, frequently it occurs in international play
I grew up doing team in North America is still
Why team in North America has been very good
Players do not wear the coat of arms of their country, but they have been joined. Matthews, punish hard-line defense in the cross-check, it took objection to Pollack of hit Rome in McDavid in the exhibition loss to the Czech Republic.

"Come everyone really well together," Nugent Hopkins says. "We are as we go along, I feel more like a team."

McClellan, the plan while holding them responsible, says that was to provide sufficient structure to play freely the young star.

"Our team is going to play with some of the risk," he said. "It is a fun to watch them do it. But we it so we can have a success, in certain areas of the ice, it can be restricted to a specific time of the game Do you?

"That is what we are here. We are here to win. However, I players look forward to it, you want to play to their strengths."

So far, so good.

"We it is the explosion, rather than the contract negotiations with the" flame, happy Gaudreau to talk of hockey, he said.

Edmonton team North American Ryan Nugent-Hopkins of the Oilers, you can attend the media availability for the hockey World Cup in Toronto on September 15, 2016.

McDavid is referred to as the start of the tournament, it was the end game of the age of 4-0 or 7-4.

"This whole tournament is going to be there for the victory of all of the games 3-2,2-1, these types of games ... We are going to have to tighten it," he I told.

McClellan and John Cooper (Tampa Bay), Peter DeBoer (San Jose), his coaching staff of Dave Tippett (Arizona) and Jay Wood Croft (Edmonton) is, we have to try a combination of different ahead of the tournament line It was.

One of the goals is, rather than a play for someone else, was to be more selfish to get the players.

"Many of the time, we can turn it into what would take an attack of opportunity," McClellan said.

Still, the Oilers coach, because there is very fast young talent of today, and then marvel as has become good.

Calgary Flames team North America Johnny Gaudreau will attend the media availability for the hockey World Cup in Toronto on September 15, 2016.

He credits the help and technology they learn the game. He also cited the courage and confidence of today's young people.

Mike Babcock of team Canada coach will be watching the team in North America given the presence of the Toronto of Matthews and Rielly.

"Well, we are every night too Please do not play them I support those people," Leafs coach spoke clearly. "When we play them, I'm just they I hope to lose, they hope a good play. "

EA Sports NHL 17 game simulation of the tournament, Canada is beating North America in three games in the finals, just to predict it.

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